Sheffield Product launches a blog!

Added on by Dan Selzer.

Hello and welcome to the first ever Sheffield Product blog post. What is that? A blog post is a regular updated missive to keep you informed of activities at Sheffield Product. What is Sheffield Product, you ask? It is a small boutique letterpress shop in Brooklyn, New York. It took me long enough to get a website up. Now that we've mastered Web 1.0 it's time to jump into the deep end of Web 2.0 with a fully socially-connected web log.

In typical letterpress fashion, it only makes sense for the first post to show my wedding invitation, printed here with the help of Nick and his Windmill, while my Vandercook underwent some surgery, though it did pitch in with belly band. 


We've got a 2 color card featuring a pattern stolen from Varvara Stepanova glued onto yellow cardstock, a belly-band with blind-impression that reveals a custom die-cut in the white card letting the yellow show through and matching reply card and inner envelope. This was a lot of fun to make.


And that's the first Sheffield Product blog post. Hopefully it won't be the last. Stay tuned for shop photos, printing talk, work(s) in progress and other updates.